Starlite TV Broadcasting

                     Starlite TV is a broadcast television company
                     originating from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

                     Starlite TV will program twenty-four/seven.
                     Prime Time programming (7 PM - 11 PM)  
                     will be re-broadcast after midnight.

                     First run programs will be added when acquired.
                     Programs on Starlite TV will be as recent as possible.
                     Starlite TV will use the Barter system.
                     In a 4 Minute commercial break, 
                     2 Minutes will belong to Starlite TV.
                     The remaining 2 Minutes will belong to the affiliate.
                     Starlite TV will be available to all television outlets.
                     This includes:
                     Over The Air
                     Cable Companies
                     Satellite Broadcasters
                     Streaming Services - Sling TV, Hulu, etc...
                     Internet Protocol TV Services
                     There is no charge to outlets for our service. 
                     Starlite TV will depend solely on advertisers.
                     (as it should be)
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