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---------------------------Starlite Broadcast Television will originate from Colorado.

---------------------------Starlite will program twenty-four / seven.
---------------------------Prime Time programming (7 PM - 10 PM)
---------------------------will be re-broadcast in a New way.

---------------------------The Prime Time programs will be Part of Starlite Daytime,
---------------------------every weekday as Prime Time Daytime.
---------------------------Prime Time Daytime will air at 1 PM - 4 PM seven days a week.

---------------------------Starlite will use a 50 / 50 Barter system.
---------------------------In a 4 Minute commercial break, 2 Minutes will belong to Starlite.
---------------------------The remaining 2 Minutes will belong to the affiliate.

---------------------------Programming suppliers will also be queried
---------------------------about providing their programs in return for advertising space.
---------------------------They may advertise the program they have with Starlite
---------------------------but also programs they may have elsewhere on other networks.

---------------------------Starlite will be made available to all television outlets.
---------------------------This includes: Over The Air (Preferred)
---------------------------Streaming Services - Sling TV, Hulu, etc...
---------------------------Internet Protocol TV Services
---------------------------Satellite Broadcasters
---------------------------Cable Companies

---------------------------The more places we're seen, the better for All National Advertisers.
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