Starlite TV Broadcasting
                     Starlite TV is a broadcast programming service
                     originating from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

                     Starlite TV programs two hours nightly.
                     (This may quickly change)
                     Seven nights a week from 7 PM to 9 PM.
                     Weeknight programs will also be repeated at 12 AM to 2 AM.

                     Our goal is to have the start times 
                     be the same in all time zones.

                     Saturday nights are branded 

                           "Starlite Sci-Fi Saturday"

                     A partial weekday schedule is planned, 
                     but will likely come at a later date.

                     Weekends may come sooner by way of a service
                     that may be interested in simulcasting 
                     their cable channel children's programming 
                     Saturday and Sunday on Starlite TV.

                     Programs on Starlite TV will be as recent as possible.
                     First run programs will be added when/if available.

                     Starlite TV is a 50/50 barter service.
                     In a 4 Minute commercial break, 
                     2 Minutes will belong to Starlite.
                     The remaining 2 Minutes will belong to the afiliiate.
                     Starlite TV will be available to all television outlets.
                     This includes:
                     Over The Air Affiliates
                     Cable Companies
                     Satellite Broadcasters
                     Streaming Services - Sling TV, Hulu, etc...
                     Internet Protocol TV Services
                     There is no charge to outlets for our service. 
                     Starlite TV will depend solely on advertisers.
                     (as it should be)
                     Most programming will be bartered also.
                     Outlets providing bartered programming
                     will receive equal Free advertising of their choosing.

© Copyright 2018 Starlite TV
Owned by Duncan Entertainments Television (D E T)